Want to know more?   Let me explain......

I am 57 and disabled due to an accident at work as a lorry mechanic, the jack i was using broke and i broke my neck and lower back, i was in a wheelchair for around 6 years feeling sorry for myself and  bitter, why me?

That was in October 2008 Since then i have managed to get about a little and able to get out of my chair and walk a little with my stick, but not far hence the help wanted? I have come along way since the accident and this would be very much appreciated and help me to move on and get a little bit more of my life back.

I am a very keen wildlife photographer i use to photograph Models but changed over a couple of years ago, Animals dont question me, learning all different skills but the getting about is still a problem, I can go down the Bi ways but people are often there so no good for me to be all quiet and hidden.

I have 2 electric mobility scooters small one for the town and a large one to get me about but no where near what i need to get into the woods., they cost anything from 7000 upwards and real off road ones 16000, i couldn't afford one of them so i brought a Quad a farm type as its all automatic no need to change gear etc its done for me and a fraction of the cost.

Now we come to your part.

Im looking for land to drive my Quad in park it and then im there for wildlife, i have a hide so could erect that if i need to and a camouflage net for the quad.

I would like access to your land day and night please, then im there for all there activities.

Im looking for any land at all that your willing to help me out and let me drive and park in your woods, forest and fields, I will be very careful how i drive the quad and defiantly wont be playing in the mud at all. you have my word, and anyway i wouldn't want to ruin what you have done for me, hoping the word gets about that i am careful, friendly and honest.

This will be just for me and wont have anyone coming with me at all, and if you want me to call you to let you know im in there of course i would no worries.

Any pictures i take you are more than welcome to have a complete copy on a disc if you wanted.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request and hope we could come to some arrangement soon.


s-l1600 (1)

This is my Quad, all automatic as my legs are very weak i wouldn't be able to change gear, just what was needed and to carry my cameras etc..


07882 535941 Or E-Mail


You could change my life for the better


Overlander Sprint From 9,850.00

Overlander 4ZS From  12,800.00

How the hell am i supposed to afford one of these? This is what i need for the tracks in the woodlands Foot Paths, fields etc

But im not a Star a Celeb or Lottery Winner

Im just a Broken Guy Trying to get on.

click above and take a look yourself?

Pete Gaskin

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How i am now due to the accident all those years ago, suffered broken neck and back.


Remember this one i had? put bigger wheels on her and 2 new batteries?

Well its dead, went to Co-op to get some bread got home and dead, nothing.

Just my luck, i only have my 2 wheelchairs 1 broken car scooter and now 1 broken road scooter.

And my Quad, if i get stopped by anyone watch out, stand back and watch out, i might explode. Grrrrrrrrr oh and could do with a service any volunteers?


I dont want your Money  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes  Foxes

Click on the picture below for full size, Foxes in my Garden Nearly every day, they are looking in good health too lately.

X Serviceman ok by a long time ago does this help? Northern Ireland, Falklands, Berlin Wall was my era, Just want a little help.